– Interactive, Digital, Performance Art –

What We Do

Laboratory provides space and support for interactive art in Spokane, Washington.

What is interactive art? We want to support artistic experiences that go beyond either ‘something on a wall’ or ‘something on a stage’. We’re interested in art that creates experiences, where the viewer/user is an integral part in their own experience, where they can touch, manipulate, and, well, interact with the stuff they’re seeing. We want people to feel that art is something that they’re a part of, not just something they look at from a distance and move on.

Currently, we’re looking for space to rent in the downtown area. Whether that space is a permanent storefront spot, some windows around town, the brick wall of a parking lot, or something else entirely, well, we’re flexible.

We’re also looking for artists who have cool stuff and want to share it with the world.

Either way, if you’ve got space you’d like to talk about, or you’ve got cool stuff you’d like to put somewhere, shoot an email to