– Interactive, Digital, Performance Art –

Justin Lepard

Friday, May 5th – 9pm – Baby Bar, 827 W 1st Ave.

Friday, May 12th – 8pm – Checkerboard Tavern, 1716 E Sprague Ave.

Justin Lepard, our cellist-in-residence, is playing a couple of shows with the music and technology he has developed here. Justin’s music is a swirl of color – layered synth sounds and cello that, despite their complexity, remain accessible through harmonic stability and strong compositional movement throughout. In these concerts he will be taking the live performance of this kind of music to a new extreme, blurring lines of genre influences, performance practices, and electric vs. acoustic.

He’ll be playing at the Baby Bar on May 5th with local band Outercourse (Facebook link), and on May 12th at the Checkerboard (Facebook link).


a small analog holodeck | Linus Riepler

Linus Riepler - A Small Analog Holodeck
Opening Friday, April 21st, 5-8pm
Richmond Art Collective Gallery, 228 W. Sprague Ave., Second Floor

The holodeck is something we all know from the Star Trek universe. It is basically a room, which simulates any place or situation the viewer can imagine. A landscape, historic event or exotic world becomes a reality within seconds. It’s probably the favorite leisure time activity for a Starfleet’s crew.

Transferred into the art world of our reality, the holodeck can be seen as a metaphor for any exhibition space. It does, what every room installation would like to accomplish – it leads the viewer into another world through a transformation of the actual space.  

Linus Riepler often uses simple mechanics that allow viewers to interact with his works. For this project he tried to translate the holodeck into his own visual language – through ropes and pulley systems the interior of this installation can be changed into different settings.

Located in the heart of the Richmond Art Collective’s hallway, the simulated places reflect memories of his residency in Spokane, reflecting the landscape around him.

Special thanks to the Federal Chancellery of Austria for their support of Linus’ residency here at Laboratory!


Stop Worrying About the Future | Rae Lavande Pellerin

Stop Worrying About the Future - Rae Lavande Pellerin

March 3rd – March 27th
Opening Reception Friday, March 3rd, 5-8pm
Richmond Art Collective Gallery, 228 W. Sprague Ave.

Stop Worrying About the Future  is an exploration of ideas of destiny and predetermination. Utilizing pop-culture mechanisms that aim to predict outcomes and influence decisions, it showcases a series of installations that revolve around the rituals we use to reassure ourselves when faced with our unknown futures. By utilizing mass-produced and mass-marketed means of fortune-telling, the sometimes nihilist, sometimes optimist sculptural, video and sound installations in Stop Worrying About the Future offer a tongue-in-cheek narrative about what lies beyond. Read more

Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko – Seeking a Light

Seeking a Light

January 6th, 2017, 5:30-7:30pm

Performances at 6 and 7

Richmond Art Collective Gallery, 228 W. Sprague Ave.

In order to see the truth, you have to look awkward in the eyes. Artists Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko will use dance-movement and wearables to explore communication using reactive objects. Thompson will activate wearable fabric sculpture instruments that control sound using a combination of sensors and analog electronics.
The costumes are membranes to be resisted against, broken through – barriers. Their purpose is both to separate people and to join them together. The sensors become the bridge between ourselves and the outside world; representing a language, because there is no language for the beauty and tragedy unfolding in our world.
To counter the silence in this world, soft sculpture will bloom into colorful and discomforting shapes as light controls the soundscape. There will be a 6pm and a 7pm performance in the gallery.

Jak Bobby – Leap Second Residency

Hannah Thompson and Arvid Tomayko – :::Positive Contact:::

January 6th, 2017, 5:30-7:30pm

Performances at 6 and 7

Richmond Art Collective Gallery, 228 W. Sprague Ave.

Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko come together in this work using their bodies as conductive material with in an installation of fabric sculptures reactive to touch and light through the use of a light reactive Theremin. The performers uncovers new layers and morph Thompson’s sculptural works using their bodies and movement. They contends with the constraints, while blooming to soundscapes both mixed and created by their interactions with the touch sensors. Using saturated colors and unsettling images the pair distort the state of consciousness people assume is stable, by unpacking and unraveling sculptures with bodily connotations. The audience’s engagement with the performance is the way in which they are reframed by viewing us perform the reckoning of our body, our skins, and the space surrounding us. Through the intense visual experience of morphing sculptures we are hoping to bring to mind questions of personal boundaries in the comfort of everyday interactions. Electronics design and physical computing by Darcy Neal.

Matt Henderson – The Spectacle, Unleashed

The Spectacle, Unleashed

Open Studio at Laboratory
November 23rd, 2016, 6-9pm
Matt Henderson from XHURCH is here with us, and will be showing the beginnings of his new work, as well as talking about the state of VR and his role in the Portland Immersive Media Group.
“My time at The Laboratory was spent researching and forming The Spectacle, Unleashed.  It is my attempt to conglomerate my observations of the present social and political moment. The result is an immersive, digital work-in-progress which aims to reflects the anxiety, ferocity, and alarming dissimilitude of our shared experience.
The Spectacle, Unleashed is an immersive digital environment created in Unity3D and accessed through HTC Vive’s premier virtual reality system.”

Margaret Kearney – Our Hideout

Our Hideout - Margaret Kearney

Our Hideout - installation by Margaret Kearney

November 18th-27th, reservations required (see below)
Opening Reception Friday, November 18th, 5-8pm
Richmond Art Collective Gallery, 228 W. Sprague Ave.

In the context of the wild world we live in, what would it look like to make a place that’s all your own, special and separate from the daily woes? How would it feel to build that safe space with a group of peers? How much of working together is play, how much is compromise?

Join Laboratory visiting artist Margaret Kearney for an exploration into co-creation and collaboration at the Richmond Art Gallery. Get familiar with how you work with those around you to create new hideouts for safety and joy amidst the mess of living. In short, come make a really cool fort. Bring your friends.

The best way to experience this project will be with a small group of people you know, so please RSVP to Margaret ( ) to let us know when you’d like to come and how many people you plan to bring. Let us know which of these days you’d like to come:

Saturday, November 19
Sunday, November 20
Monday, November 21
Tuesday, November 22
Saturday, November 26
Sunday, November 27


Invisible Territories | Shuangshuang Huo

November 17th-25th
Opening Reception Friday, November 18th, 5-8pm
Richmond Art Collective Gallery, 228 W. Sprague Ave.

Living in an extremely diverse world is a gift to appreciate or a great challenge to face up to in the present time? Very often, stakes are held up and ditches are excavated secretly in our mind even without our awareness, and they can deeply influence how we sense the world, or understand and respond to people who are different with ourselves.

Invisible Territories is a motion tracking spatial installation. Artist-in-residence Shuangshuang Huo created this piece of work to remind participants of the existing divisions and gaps among people from different races, genders, religions, cultural background etc. Read more

Rachel Stuckey | Update Required

Update Required

Friday, November 4th – Richmond Art Collective, 228 W. Sprague Ave

Update Required is a multimedia exhibition of recent works by Rachel Stuckey, featuring a new virtual reality project created while in residence at Laboratory. Since this one is going to take some time, you’ll need to reserve your 15 minute timeslot here:
Can’t make it on Friday, or would like a more private session? Preview hours are available Thursday, Nov 3rd. Send inquiries to

The central work, Update Required, is a biofeedback-enhanced VR experience for personal enhancement. The program takes cues from the user’s brain signals via EEG to guide them away from the “safe zone” of Windows95. The resulting journey guides the user towards a more contemplative or critical path of technological understanding in just a few easy steps! Whether you’re a tech goddess or digitally afflicted, Update Required is a guaranteed skills boost in the realm of metaphysical computing.

Read more