– Interactive, Digital, Performance Art –

Organisynth | Alex Mann and Thomas Ruble

Thursday, December 28th, 5-8pm
Richmond Art Collective Gallery
228 W. Sprague Ave.
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Join Richmond Gallery and Laboratory Spokane for an evening of sci-fi electronic music where you become part of the experience. Create musical patterns with your friends and others using simple, intuitive music creation devices. Experience new sights and sounds as every change you make affects the environment around you. All are welcome.

ORGANISYNTH is the culmination of a 4-month residency at Laboratory Spokane. This project was created by Spokane-based artist team, Alex Mann and Thomas Ruble.

ORGANISYNTH is an interactive and collaborative music performance system. The system is composed of individual devices, each with specialized roles, that together allow individuals to engage in the creation of music with others. 

The exhibit is modeled after an “organic, sci-fi theme,” which was inspired by a dystopian story of post-Earth civilizations attempting to preserve human creativity in an entirely controlled, artificial environment. Audiences will experiment with a custom, collaborative sequencer formed into a giant, glow-in-the-dark flower, hand-held “powercubes” to control different sound effects, and digital interfaces which, used together, create an immersive audiovisual experience.

These devices are networked and synchronized, so that users essentially can’t “mess up”. Unlike playing a traditional instrument, participants will not need to understand the music theory or the techniques which make the music sound good—nor will they need the technical know-how necessary to use a commercially-available synthesizer. Instead, the interfaces are designed to be playful with a focus on joy. In this way, Alex and Thomas hope to encourage the would-be musician to learn more by means of immediately successful results.