– Interactive, Digital, Performance Art –

Hiromi Okumura + Valerie Williams

Saturday, July 1st
Fellow Coworking
304 W. Pacific Ave., Second Floor

Visual artist Hiromi Okumura and choreographer Valerie Williams have collaborated since 2006 mixing images, movement and human/computer interaction. Working together in Spokane at the Laboratory, they have started working on a new series of installation/performances based on the unfolding of experience from hard objects. Opening an object such as a curtain, book, or window initiates sound, video and dance that soon lets the viewer participate in the experience.

Hiromi Okumura and Valerie Williams present a work in progress exploring interaction between dancer, computer, and video at the Fellow Space in the Washington Cracker Building at 304 Pacific in Spokane.

Hiromi Okumura is a visual and performance artist. She received MFA at Iowa State University.
Her work has been shown and collected internationally. She is a Fine Arts faculty at Washington State University.

Valerie Williams has been dancing professionally in modern dance, musical theater, opera and Renaissance dance in North America and Europe since 1973. Artistic director of Co’Motion Dance Theater since 1978, Ms. Williams also researches early dance and performs with Musica Antiqua.

She has studied with a variety of master teachers, at the Wisconsin College Conservatory, New York University, and completed a Master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction at Iowa State University. She uses the sensor system she developed to telling effect in her recent works, such as Flow. Her choreographic work, which includes modern dance works, musical theater, mixed media performance and virtual reality, has been presented in theaters across the upper Midwest of the USA, New York City, Italy, France, and in a regular season since 1993 at the City Auditorium in Ames, Iowa. As a social dance expert, her knowledge has been sought on subjects from Spanish medieval dances to contemporary Swing and she is sought after teacher for Argentine Tango. As rehearsal director for Bill T. Jones/Arnice Zane Dance Company, Ms. Williams worked at the Spoleto Festival in Italy, the International Festival of Dance in Montpellier, France, and for several of the company’s seasons in NYC. She has choreographed and rehearsed dances for the Lyon Opera Ballet, traveled to Rome, Italy to set her production of Divine Liturgy on dancers of Teatro Studio, and to New Zealand to teach master classes at the University of Canterbury. The focus of her artistic work at present lies in the dialogue between dance and new technologies. In 2000, she was selected Ames “Local Treasure”. An active member of the arts community, she donates time to arts agencies, serves as a panelist for various Arts Councils and agencies and enthusiastically advocates for dance.