– Interactive, Digital, Performance Art –

Transmute | Elizabeth White + Mackenzie Fagras

Saturday, June 17th
Richmond Art Collective, Second Floor
228 W. Sprague Ave., Second Floor

Finally, a reason to stay up past 9 on a Saturday! Laboratory artist-in-residence Elizabeth White and Spokane’s own Mackenzie Fagras will be performing on our balcony.

This work has been made possible through a SAGA grant, thanks to Spokane Arts.

This interactive performance piece uses a blend of movement and digital art to inspire a feeling of travel through a celestial space, absent of time. By juxtaposing the natural form of dance with the digital form of computer graphics, the piece reaches for a world that doesn’t exist and brings to life new possibilities of the imagination. This piece uses live programming to allow for an interactive relationship between the dancer and the evolving space around her. As the dancer moves, the programmer is able to steer reactive behaviors around the dancer’s pathways and choices, allowing the piece to be slightly different each time.

Elizabeth is a dancer, choreographer and creative coder whose work is an ongoing study of how technology can be used to strengthen connections between multidisciplinary arts in a performance space. She is currently pursuing an MPS (Master of Professional Studies) in Interactive Telecommunications at Tisch, NYU. Before attending graduate school, she received a BA in Visual Arts from Fordham University while training in contemporary dance through the Professional Division at Alvin Ailey.

Mackenzie Fagras is a Spokane-based modern and hip-hop dancer, and has spent the past 6 years exploring hip-hop and movement independently. In her words:
“I have found dance to be really important in understanding our own sense of navigation through life and our mental voids. Dance is a human right. A channeling of our higher self. A way to touch bases with our thoughts and manifest them into a tangible action. I also use dance as an energetic offering to nature, to the people, to the planet and to myself.”