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a small analog holodeck | Linus Riepler

Linus Riepler - A Small Analog Holodeck
Opening Friday, April 21st, 5-8pm
Richmond Art Collective Gallery, 228 W. Sprague Ave., Second Floor

The holodeck is something we all know from the Star Trek universe. It is basically a room, which simulates any place or situation the viewer can imagine. A landscape, historic event or exotic world becomes a reality within seconds. It’s probably the favorite leisure time activity for a Starfleet’s crew.

Transferred into the art world of our reality, the holodeck can be seen as a metaphor for any exhibition space. It does, what every room installation would like to accomplish – it leads the viewer into another world through a transformation of the actual space.  

Linus Riepler often uses simple mechanics that allow viewers to interact with his works. For this project he tried to translate the holodeck into his own visual language – through ropes and pulley systems the interior of this installation can be changed into different settings.

Located in the heart of the Richmond Art Collective’s hallway, the simulated places reflect memories of his residency in Spokane, reflecting the landscape around him.

Special thanks to the Federal Chancellery of Austria for their support of Linus’ residency here at Laboratory!