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Stop Worrying About the Future | Rae Lavande Pellerin

Stop Worrying About the Future - Rae Lavande Pellerin

March 3rd – March 27th
Opening Reception Friday, March 3rd, 5-8pm
Richmond Art Collective Gallery, 228 W. Sprague Ave.

Stop Worrying About the Future  is an exploration of ideas of destiny and predetermination. Utilizing pop-culture mechanisms that aim to predict outcomes and influence decisions, it showcases a series of installations that revolve around the rituals we use to reassure ourselves when faced with our unknown futures. By utilizing mass-produced and mass-marketed means of fortune-telling, the sometimes nihilist, sometimes optimist sculptural, video and sound installations in Stop Worrying About the Future offer a tongue-in-cheek narrative about what lies beyond.

As a part of a generation for whom economic stability is becoming less of a possibility, and faced with a more and more troubling national and international political climate, anxiety about the future is all too common for many. Unable to predict outcomes, we often rely on seemingly logic-defying rituals to help us make decisions and to tell us that we are, indeed, maybe going to be okay.

Rae Lavande Pellerin is a multi-media artist who grew up between Los Angeles, California and the small rural town of les Éboulements, Québec. She has recently completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Montreal’s Concordia University, and employs mainly photography, text, video and web-based mediums to create narratives drawn from her surroundings. Her works explore the intersection between the real and the fictional, and generally reference themes such as memory, family, history and human emotion.