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Matt Henderson – The Spectacle, Unleashed

The Spectacle, Unleashed

Open Studio at Laboratory
November 23rd, 2016, 6-9pm
Matt Henderson from XHURCH is here with us, and will be showing the beginnings of his new work, as well as talking about the state of VR and his role in the Portland Immersive Media Group.
“My time at The Laboratory was spent researching and forming The Spectacle, Unleashed.  It is my attempt to conglomerate my observations of the present social and political moment. The result is an immersive, digital work-in-progress which aims to reflects the anxiety, ferocity, and alarming dissimilitude of our shared experience.
The Spectacle, Unleashed is an immersive digital environment created in Unity3D and accessed through HTC Vive’s premier virtual reality system.”