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POV | Karen Briem

Karen Briem - POV

Opens May 26th, 5-7pm, on view until June 7th – Richmond Art Collective Gallery (behind Spaceman Coffee) – 228 W. Sprague Ave.

Point-of-view is an interactive installation focusing on how perspective plays a role as a vital instrument in our lives. By actively pushing ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and viewing situations from a different point of view we not only gain access to a wider range of emotions but also evoke deeper understanding of our surroundings. The more effort we are willing to put into gaining new perspective the bigger the impact. This installation is a physical exploration of this process.

“As a avid advocate for interactive art, I have made it part of my practice to experiment with the accessibility of interactive work. In POV this experimentation manifested itself in the choice of materials. Traditionally museums and galleries have a “you can look but you can´t touch” approach that can sometimes limit the level of interaction guests dare to engage in.  Therefore, I chose responsive materials that are normally associated with games, triggering child like curiosity in order to the make the dialogue between guest and art more open, ultimately encouraging interactivity.

The ways of interacting with the sculpture range from just using the flash light on you phone to entering the sculpture with your arms and head, literally immersing yourself in the artwork and reaching a complete level of interaction. Guests are encouraged to play with the objects and discover how their engagement manipulates and creates the sounds, space, form, and function of their surrounding installation.” – Karen Briem