– Interactive, Digital, Performance art at 301 W. Main Street, Spokane Washington –

Synchronic Stream | Ilaria Ortensi

Synchronic Stream

November 29th, 2015 – 7:30pm – 301 W. Main

Laboratory Artist-in-Residence Ilaria Ortensi’s work examines the relationship between space, self, and architecture. Using the dimensions of the space, along with projection, interactive lighting, architectural window film, and cameras, Synchronic Stream takes in data from the internet and alters the dynamics of the room while participants explore the space and the reflections and projections they themselves create.

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Secrets of the Deep | SexCakeMonster

November 4th, 2015 – 7:30 pm – Richmond Art Collective Gallery

The incredible, uncompromising duo of Lauren Redpath and Sorjeri Tane bring the incredible costuming work they do in Melborne, Australia all the way here to Spokane. Musical performance by Madeline McNeill.


Choreographed Anthropomorphology

Laboratory artist-in-residence Luke Sturgeon spent 2 months in summer 2015 exploring systems of robotic emotion – what does it mean to give technology the ability to interpret, experience, and evoke emotion? Working on both physical systems of motion and the semiotics of motion, his research develops techniques to incorporate emotion into the objects around us.

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Minso Kim

Minso Kim Show


Showing at Laboratory (301 W. Main) Tuesday – Saturday, 10am to 4pm, September 25th – October 8th

“My work does not only owe its physical imprints to the interaction between human and environment, but also between digital and analog technologies. Observing the two distinctive world’s of connectivity and moments guides me to work with drawings, videos, interactive installations and more. My work is positioned an the intersection of poetics, translations and technologies.

This project builds upon the ideas of my previous project ‘A Letter to you’ which investigates the connectivity between human and nature. I explore similarities and differences between moments that humans miss or exaggerate from events in nature, as well as the translations of objective sound collections to fortuitous images. I capture the surrounding sounds via binaural recordings, I then use computer code to analyze the value and pitch of these sounds. These sound files generate vibrations using a motor beneath a piece of paper, these vibrations move the powdery pigments on the paper’s surface to create images. Creating a visualization of sound, based on nature and the human hearing system.

During the Laboratory Artist-in-Residence program I explored urban noise pollution as an artistic resource, to extend the boundary of my sound-based artwork from the natural environment to include urban circumstances. All these artworks are based on research into the relationships between nature and urban, and its impact on physical and psychological health in a community. The research has influenced the range of colors, shapes and material choices.

Collecting scientific research on the influences between nature and the city helps to understand how the human body reacts to its given surroundings. Moreover, the material choices for representation has been an interesting challenge in preparing for this exhibition. I hope that this nature, urban, health related exhibition will lead to more detailed artistic explorations and research experiences in the future. Thanks to the Laboratory Artist-in-Residency program for the opportunity to have a studio and a living space, and thanks to Seoul Women’s University and Korea Creative Contents Agency for providing transportation.”


Field | House

Field | House - Amanda WallaceField | House is an interactive, digital projected meditation on the intersection between language and race, mediated through a more abstract, observation of visual color perception. Each of the four panels is multilayered with slightly different iterations of the same stimuli that reference historical and contemporary subjugation and de-subjugation of the Black body.

Imagery includes the head of a spectator witnessing the lynching of Jesse Washington (who’s hanging is silhouetted in the background) in Waco, TX, the head of Dylann Roof, and footage of Bree Newsome removing the Confederate flag.

Amanda Wallace is a multidisciplinary-interested artist currently based in Dallas, TX. Her current artistic projects and experiments utilize the various tools related to media and lens-based arts. This includes photography, performance, digital collage, video and other time-based formats.



One - Sabrina Barrios, Yang Wang, Zhenzhen Qi, Alan ChathamA continuation of their work undertaken at the Laboratory residency program, ‘One’ is a collaborative sculpture/virtual reality experience that explores the relationship between the viewer, the self, and the transcendent. Inspired by higher-dimensional geometry, particle physics, and meditation, the work explores our relationship between the real and the metaphysical, and how our clearest insights into the divine are intensely personal experiences, unexplainable and untranslateable to anyone but ourselves.

Sabrina Barrios was born and raised in the south of Brazil, where she studied Graphic Design, from 1999 to 2004. Ms. Barrios then lived in London and São Paulo, where she worked with editorial design at MTV and GloboCondé Nast. In 2009 Sabrina moved to New York and completed her Masters degree in Fine Arts at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute (2012). From May 2012 to January 2013, the artist traveled with her collaborative, HideandSeek, making and showing art–in Germany, the US and Brazil.

Yang Wang is a new media artist and creative technologist. He went to Beijing to study artistic design in 2012; he went to New York University to study new media arts. He gained his experience in creative coding and digital fabrication from I.T.P. (Interactive Telecommunication Program.

Zhenzhen Qi is an artist, researcher, and designer. Born in mainland China, she has lived in Hong Kong, San Francisco, and most recently New York. She is the co-founder and principal designer of NY based design studio, ZZYW.

Both growing up in China, Yang and Zhenzhen experienced the economic boom of the 90’s and 2000’s in mainland China, as well as the all the weirdness and intense competition between modern young Chinese people. In their work, they employ new media technologies like biofeedback, virtual reality, and 3D printing to create immersive and surreal experiences for their audience.

Alan Chatham is a Spokane-based new media artist who also runs Laboratory.  Laboratory is a residency program and gallery space in Spokane dedicated to the education and support of digital, interactive and performance art.


Zero + The Introspection Game

Sabrina Barrios and Yang Wang

Imagine walking through a magical, life-­sized labyrinth made of string and lit with black lights.  Now, imagine traipsing through a virtual landscape, your journey projected on the side of a  building for all to see.    Join NY­-based artists Sabrina ​Barrios (Brazil) and Yang Wang and Zhenzhen Qi (China) for  an evening of exploratory, immersive art and this will become your reality.

The results of their time spent as residents in Spokane at Laboratory, Sabrina is currently  installing ​Zero, a continuation of her breathtaking site-­specific string ​series​ at 228A W  Sprague. Around the corner, at 301 W. Main, ​power duo​ Yang and Zhenzhen are installing  Introspection Game, a virtual world manipulable by the user and projected in real time.    On Thursday, May 21st at 8PM,​ the community is invited to experience each completed  installation while enjoying refreshments and other activities. All ages welcome. Come and go  as you please. No-­host bar courtesy The Bartlett.

Sabrina Barrios ​was born and raised in the south of Brazil, where she  studied Graphic Design, from 1999 to 2004. Ms. Barrios then lived in London and São Paulo,  where she worked with editorial design at MTV and Globo­Condé Nast. In 2009 Sabrina  moved to New York and completed her Masters degree in Fine Arts at Brooklyn’s Pratt  Institute (2012). From May 2012 to January 2013, the artist traveled with her collaborative,  Hide­and-­Seek, making and showing art in Germany, the US and Brazil.

Yang Wang​ is a new media artist and creative technologist. He went to Beijing to study  artistic design in 2012; he went to New York University to study new media arts. He gained  his experience in creative coding and digital fabrication from I.T.P (Interactive  Telecommunication Program. ​

Zhenzhen Qi​ is an artist, researcher, and designer. Born in mainland China, she has lived in  Hong Kong, San Francisco, and most recently New York. She is the co­founder and principal  designer of NY based design studio, ZZYW. ​

Both growing up in China, Yang and Zhenzhen experienced the economy booming and rapid  life changing from 90s to 2010s in Mainland China, as well as the all the weirdness and utterly  intense competition between modern young Chinese people. In their work, they employ the  emerging new media technologist like biofeedback virtual reality, 3d printing to create  immersive and surreal experience for their audience.


024 – Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is Where the Heart Is
“Home is Where the Heart Is” is an interactive storefront projection that serves as an ode to exploration and our sense of home.
NASA recently announced the spacecraft Voyager I has crossed into interstellar space. Among other things, Voyager I carries with it a golden disc with an engraving that diagrams the location of Earth with respect to known pulsars in our galaxy; depicting a visual address. In this installation, the projection mimics the “earth’s address” diagram, but also follows each user. The animation loop serves as a guided explanation of the diagram.
I wanted to juxtapose the voyager diagram with an interactive symbol that pointed to every passerby’s center, making the simple analogy that our heart anchors us. No matter where we are, or attachments we make in this world, the heart keeps the tethers taut to our connections, while balancing at our center.
Yes, it is cheesy, and so can be the sentiments of the heart.
Title: Home is where the heart is
Artist: Anna Czoski
Media: interactive projection
           and animated video (length)
Gallery: Laboratory Spokane



Impolite – Charlie Schmidt

Part of a group show, alongside Brandon Aleson‘s DIGITS, this piece playfully looks at surveillance and toys with our notion of identity. Noses follow you as you pass, simultaneously bringing attention and judgement to you.





DIGITS – Brandon Aleson + Jesse Montini-Vose

Part of a group show with Charlie Schmidt’s ‘Impolite’, DIGITS is an installation made with the Kinect, Arduino, Processing, servo motors, 3D printed fingers, welded metal, concrete, and sound. The sound being emitted is a granular sample of hands being rubbed together and knuckles cracking, with the grain size, speed of playback, and gain changing relative to the velocity of the viewer’s head.

<iframe src=”//″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href=”″>Digits</a> from <a href=”″>Brandon Aleson</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>