– Interactive, Digital, Performance art at 301 W. Main Street, Spokane Washington –

The Mercury Theatre | Elsa Philippe

Screening Wednesdays at Boots (24 W. Main) at 7pm

Laboratory artist-in-residence Elsa Philippe is hosting a reality show while she’s here. It’s super awesome. 10 artists compete with anonymous Instagram accounts through a series of challenges, immunities, eliminations, and all the delightful weirdness that art on the internet brings. Watch all the episodes on Elsa’s website here:


Float | Anna Sörenson, Daniel Rydh, and Kurt Madison


Opens April 1st, 2016 – 5:30 pm – Saranac Art Projects, 25 W. Main Avenue

Play with light, projection, and color in this immersive installation showering the Saranac space a jubilant spectrum of reflections and refractions. An interactive piece, we encourage you to come and work with the piece and the artists, and explore how light and color can envelop, attack, and shape a space.

(entire month of April)

Thursday: 2-6 pm
Friday: 12-8 pm
Saturday: 12-8 pm

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67-Inch | preMADE Team


Opens March 18th, 2016 – 5:30pm – Richmond Art Collective Gallery, 228 W. Sprague
Dutkowska and Łukasiak, together as preMADE Team, are taking over the Richmond Art Collective gallery space and transforming it into an immersive experience exploring the tension between nature and technology. Using rope, projection, and body-tracking, they have built an installation where the viewer can contemplate their relationship between the physical and digital. Read more

Oscillating History | Mark Reamy

January 25th, 2016 – 6:00pm – 228 W. Sprague
“I created a transcendent, interactive experience through analog means. I created a kinetic machine that does not require electricity, a mechanism that solely relies on gravity and momentum to function. This device overcomes the laws of physics by allowing multiple light beams to coexist.
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Synchronic Stream | Ilaria Ortensi

Synchronic Stream

November 29th, 2015 – 7:30pm – 301 W. Main

Laboratory Artist-in-Residence Ilaria Ortensi’s work examines the relationship between space, self, and architecture. Using the dimensions of the space, along with projection, interactive lighting, architectural window film, and cameras, Synchronic Stream takes in data from the internet and alters the dynamics of the room while participants explore the space and the reflections and projections they themselves create.

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Secrets of the Deep | SexCakeMonster

November 4th, 2015 – 7:30 pm – Richmond Art Collective Gallery

The incredible, uncompromising duo of Lauren Redpath and Sorjeri Tane bring the incredible costuming work they do in Melborne, Australia all the way here to Spokane. Musical performance by Madeline McNeill.

Choreographed Anthropomorphology

Laboratory artist-in-residence Luke Sturgeon spent 2 months in summer 2015 exploring systems of robotic emotion – what does it mean to give technology the ability to interpret, experience, and evoke emotion? Working on both physical systems of motion and the semiotics of motion, his research develops techniques to incorporate emotion into the objects around us.

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The Beautalyzer | Samwell Freeman

December 13th-27th – 301 W. Main

The Beautalyzer explores the potential for collaborative learning between people and machines. An interactive video wall displays the inner workings of a learning algorithm, which attempts to recognize the beauty of images. Participants are given the responsibility to teach the algorithm what is beautiful, by labeling images according to their aesthetic judgment. Simultaneously, viewers are given a vivid illustration of how the algorithm “sees” an image. The installation is comprised of 10 wall-mounted LCD screens, a viewer-facing video camera, and 3D printed tactile interfaces. Machine learning is an increasingly important part of our lives, influencing the news we read, the people we meet, and the things we buy. The Beautalyzer hopes to pry open this black box of artificial intelligence. The imagery generated from inside this computer brain can be captivating, shocking and hilarious; regardless it offers us a cybernetic insight into the nature of beauty and perception.

Minso Kim

Minso Kim Show


Showing at Laboratory (301 W. Main) Tuesday – Saturday, 10am to 4pm, September 25th – October 8th

“My work does not only owe its physical imprints to the interaction between human and environment, but also between digital and analog technologies. Observing the two distinctive world’s of connectivity and moments guides me to work with drawings, videos, interactive installations and more. My work is positioned an the intersection of poetics, translations and technologies.

This project builds upon the ideas of my previous project ‘A Letter to you’ which investigates the connectivity between human and nature. I explore similarities and differences between moments that humans miss or exaggerate from events in nature, as well as the translations of objective sound collections to fortuitous images. I capture the surrounding sounds via binaural recordings, I then use computer code to analyze the value and pitch of these sounds. These sound files generate vibrations using a motor beneath a piece of paper, these vibrations move the powdery pigments on the paper’s surface to create images. Creating a visualization of sound, based on nature and the human hearing system.

During the Laboratory Artist-in-Residence program I explored urban noise pollution as an artistic resource, to extend the boundary of my sound-based artwork from the natural environment to include urban circumstances. All these artworks are based on research into the relationships between nature and urban, and its impact on physical and psychological health in a community. The research has influenced the range of colors, shapes and material choices.

Collecting scientific research on the influences between nature and the city helps to understand how the human body reacts to its given surroundings. Moreover, the material choices for representation has been an interesting challenge in preparing for this exhibition. I hope that this nature, urban, health related exhibition will lead to more detailed artistic explorations and research experiences in the future. Thanks to the Laboratory Artist-in-Residency program for the opportunity to have a studio and a living space, and thanks to Seoul Women’s University and Korea Creative Contents Agency for providing transportation.”

Field | House

Field | House - Amanda WallaceField | House is an interactive, digital projected meditation on the intersection between language and race, mediated through a more abstract, observation of visual color perception. Each of the four panels is multilayered with slightly different iterations of the same stimuli that reference historical and contemporary subjugation and de-subjugation of the Black body.

Imagery includes the head of a spectator witnessing the lynching of Jesse Washington (who’s hanging is silhouetted in the background) in Waco, TX, the head of Dylann Roof, and footage of Bree Newsome removing the Confederate flag.

Amanda Wallace is a multidisciplinary-interested artist currently based in Dallas, TX. Her current artistic projects and experiments utilize the various tools related to media and lens-based arts. This includes photography, performance, digital collage, video and other time-based formats.